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Supply variety battery in the market.

Custom battery packs for most application.

Provide 7-days delivered for standard model cells.

Bulk order delivery times is based on your order quantity.

Special -40 celsius ultra-low temperature, ultra-thin polymer lithium battery.

Include Li-ion, ICO, NCM, IMR, LiFePO4, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, Ni-Zn, LiSOCl2, LiMnO2, LiFeS2, LiSO2, Lead, Alkaline, Sodium-ion battery, and so on material. 

What We Do

Provide variety battery and peripheral products sourcing, production and supply chain management services for the small-medium scale manufacturer, brands, startups, wholesales all around the world.
Product development & Contract manufacturing.
We turn your power supply ideas into reality, from a simple sketch to well packed goods, through our expertise in engineering and design.

Why choose HJBP Power Team
Save your time

About HJBP

HJBP(HuaJu Better Power), Beyond power, Established in BEIJING since 2011.
We are your global business partner in the region, taking the stress out of product development, manufacturing and supply.
Providing complete buying & sourcing services, production management, supply chain and trade management services.

Why US

Procurement and Sourcing Services Contract Manufacturing Decrease Cost SCM & Logistics Quality Assurance Optimize Schedule Trade Finance

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We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions

Are you a trader?

We are a trader for the manufacturer’s trademark goods. And the HJBP is our trademark.
Exactly, we are battery solution supplier. The same as most company of Hongkong,  Taiwan,  Korea,  United States, and other oversea country. We provide quality variety battery and peripheral products via professional manufacturer partner. 
Our stable supply chain will give you the most reliable quality and the safest guarantee.

Do You Print Our LOGO(Label)?

Provide OEM/OBM/ODM service. Can print your LOGO, label(trademark need your authorized). Can make your package also.

Can I buy sample before batch order?

Of course. 
Hope you know our products and services from sample. A few lithium battery samples are free.

Is Our Money Safe?

Yes. Win-Win must. Your money is safe with a reasonable profit. We are not liars or robbers.

How Many Are Your MOQ?

Different battery with different MOQ. Provide flexible MOQ rules for you,  the batch order with favorable price.

How Long Is Your Delivery Date?

Provide an optimized delivery schedule according to your needs.
In common, 10-15 business days. Standard products will short to 7 business days, Customized maybe extend to 40-45 business

Which shipping method you usually take?

Provide suitable method via your products and quantity. Battery is Dangerous Goods, cannot be transported by passenger aircraft.
Suitable package method(Inner plastic or tray, Outer carton or bracket).

How do you do about battery certificate?

Choose professional partner with UL, CB, KC certificate.
And we have applied IEC, UN38.3, CE, RoHs certificate to the third-party testing and certification agency also. E525899 is our ul2054 certificate No. in UL.


Improve Your Business Via HJBP Power

Believe yourself, and most company successful case from their China partner(GE, APPLE, WALMART,...) Find a trusted partner, you will get more.

Save 20% cost for Order