12V Battery

The 12 V battery uses the nominal voltage of the lead-acid battery. Because of different battery material systems, the same 12 V battery will have different nominal voltages, voltage ranges, operating temperature ranges, and dimensions. Its main performance depends on the battery material system.

As the most common and common power source, 12 V battery can be widely used in electric vehicle startup, test instrument power supply, digital video camera power supply, CCTV video recorder power supply, environmental tester power supply, power tester, teaching equipment, law enforcement instrument, emergency light Power supply, LED lighting power supply, garden lights, street lights and other electronic products; through 12 V battery packs of the same model capacity in series, higher voltage 24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 60 V can be used for electric bicycles, 24 V drones, model airplanes and boats Power supplies such as modules, 72 V, 96 V electric motorcycle batteries, 48 V base station power supplies, 110 V, 220 V uninterrupted power supplies, 100 V, 120 V pipeline crawler power supplies, etc. 48 V energy storage power station battery.

According to the battery material, it includes lead-acid closed valve-controlled power supply, colloidal valve-controlled power supply, nickel-hydrogen battery pack, nickel-cadmium battery pack, lithium ion battery pack, polymer lithium ion battery pack, etc. Lithium ion battery packs can also be based on the material It is divided into nickel-cobalt-manganese (or nickel-cobalt-aluminum) ternary lithium-ion batteries, lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium manganese oxide batteries, lithium titanate batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

If the 12 V battery uses lead-acid or colloidal materials, it is made up of 6 pieces 2 V lead-acid storage cells in series. If it uses nickel-hydrogen and nickel-cadmium materials, it consists of 10 nickel-hydrogen batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries in series, and uses nickel-zinc materials. , 8 nickel-zinc batteries can be connected in series, using ternary lithium ion materials, lithium manganese oxide materials, and lithium cobalt oxide materials can use 3 batteries in series to form 10.8 V (or 11.1 V), or 4 batteries in series to form 14.8 V, using lithium iron phosphate material, 4 batteries in series can reach 12.8 V; lithium titanate material, you need 5 batteries in series to form 12 V. If a 1.5 V dry battery (alkaline battery) is used, 8 batteries are needed in series, a 3.6 V lithium thionyl chloride battery(ER battery) can be used with 3 or 4 batteries in series, and a 3 V lithium manganese dioxide battery(CR battery) can be used with 4 batteries. Cells are connected in series; 2.9 V lithium sulfur dioxide battery(WR battery) requires 4 batteries in series.

There are many well-known companies and many unknown Chinese factories that produce battery cells in the world, such as Japan’s Panasonic,  Sanyo,  Sony, FDK, and Toshiba; South Korea’s Samsung, LG, and vitzer;  the United States’ A123 (which has been acquired by China’s Wanxiang), Energizer, Duracell; Israel Tadiran, German Sunsolar, Varta, China’s BYD,  Lishen,  BAK, CATL Lithium, EVE, EEMB, HCB, SUNMOON, HJBP… etc. Most of the lithium batteries brand has passed USA UL safety certification, Canadian CUL safety certification, IEC62133 safety certification, South Korea KC safety certification, Indian BIS safety certification, and UN38.3 transportation safety certification.

According to the capacity, it can range from 100 mAh to 1000 Ah. The external dimensions can be made in different sizes according to the application scenarios.

As one of the Chinese battery pack manufacturing suppliers focusing on the field of lithium batteries, HJBP power can provide you with different power solutions and products, using batteries produced by Panasonic, Samsung, China and many other manufacturers to meet your different needs. Special ultra-low temperature rechargeable batteries can solve your solution needs of minus 40℃ or even lower minus 50℃. To customize the battery, contact HJBP power’s engineer or sales-representative now!

12V battery customized

Technical Specifications

  • Battery material: LiSOCl2, LiMnO2, Alkaline battery, NiMh battery, NiCd battery, Li-ion battery, LiFePO4 battery, LTO battery
  • In series quantity for battery combine:  3series( ER, Li-ion), 4 series( ER, CR, WR, BR,  Li-ion, LiFePO4), 5 series(LTO) , 8 series(NiZn, Alkaline, FR),  10 series(NiMh, NiCd)
  • In Parallel:  Accepted
  • Operate temperature: According to cell material
  • Outline size: customized, according to cell size


  • Compliant with IEC60086, IEC62133, CB, KC and UL1642. UL2054
  • Compliant with the European battery directive RoHS and REACH
  • Compliant UN38.3 air&sea shipping, UN3090, UN3480, or UN3091, UN3481, UN3496

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