Alkaline Battery

LR series battery(an alkaline battery is a type of primary battery which derives its energy from the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide.
Alkaline dry batteries are an active part of the devices in our lives with their high power and long duration which deliver high performance for different applications. China alkaline batteries are according to IEC10086 or GB8897 standards. Compared with zinc-carbon batteries or zinc chloride types, alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and longer shelf life, yet provide the same voltage. These alkaline battery manufactured in the US, Japan, Indonesia, China.

The famous brand include Energizer, Duracell,  Panasonic, GP, Double Deer, 555, Nanfu, … 

Features & Benefits

  • Good shelf life
  • Double energy density as zinc carbon cell
  • Four times capacity as rechargeable NiMh, NiCd battery
  • Supply low/middle/high drain current
  • Wide range size
  • Wide range of consumer application
  • Do not include heavy metal

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 1.5 V
  • Cylindrical Size:  AAA to D, 9V
  • Operating temperature: – 20°C to + 60°C
  • Mercury-free


  • Compliant with IEC60086-5, UL, BSCI, WERCS certificate
  • Compliant with the European battery directive RoHS and REACH
  • Compliant UN38.3 air&sea shipping, UN3090, or UN3091

Alkaline Battery Category

Catalogue for Alkaline battery

1.5V Cells Zinc and Manganese Dioxide Batteries
IEC ModelModelOther ModelNominal Vol.(V)IEC standard
discharge resistance /time/day
discharge time(new cell)Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Weight(g)Download PDF
LR20DU2, HP2, 373, UM1/AM1, 13A, MX13001.53.9Ω/24h/1d25h34.261.5152LR20
LR14CU11, HP11, 343, UM1/AM2, 14A, MX14001.53.9Ω/24h/1d12h26.25079LR14
LR12(M2057)BU10, 3361.53.9Ω/24h/1d12h19.55750LR12
LR6AAU12, HP7, 316, UM3/AM3, 15A, MX15001.53.9Ω/1h/1d4h14.550.524.8LR6
LR03AAAU16, HP16, 286, UM4/AM4, 24A, MX2400,1.510Ω/1h/1d5h10.544.512.8LR03
LR1NUM5/AM5,910A, MN91001.5300Ω/12h/1d130h12309.7LR1
3LR123LR121289, MN1203, 4.5V4.53.9Ω/24h/1d12h22Wx62Lx67H1503LR12
4LR25Y4LR25Y996, PJ996,908A63.9Ω/24h/1d50h68.2Wx68.2Lx115H8684LR25Y
9V(6LR61)9V/PP36LR61, PP3,KRONA, 006P, 1604A,MN16049620Ω/2h/1d33h17.5Wx26.5Lx48.5H459V(6LR61)
23A/L102823A8LR932, A23, MN21, 8LR23, 1811A1255mAh/22kΩ120h10.328.57.9LR23A
27A/L82827A8LR732, A27, MN27, V27A1220mAh/22kΩ50h8.128.24.3LR27A

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