Battery Catalog

3.6V battery, include energy type, power type, high temperature type, coin type.

3.0V battery, include power type, energy type, coin type, softpackage type.

2.9V battery, Cylindrical type, WR34615,  WR26500, WR18500 and so on.

1.5V battery, Cylindrical type, FR14505(AA), FR10445(AAA).

1.5V battery, include cylindrical type, coin type. most application in our life.

3.0V battery, include cylindrical type, coin type, softpackage type.

3.7V battery, include common, rate, standard size, special size, Samsung, Panasonic, LG chem, China cell

3.7V battery, include rectangle, shaped, common, high drain, low-temperature, high-temperature.

3.2V battery, include cylindrical, rectangle,  medium-drain, high-drain current, long cycle life.

2.3V(2.4V) battery, include cylindrical, rectangle

1.2V(1.6V) battery, include NiMh, NiCd, NiZn, common & high drain

2V/4V/6V/12V battery, automobile, motorcycle, storage energy, industry equipment, medical instruments, UPS

3.6V/3.7V or 3.7V*n(n : quantity in series), include li-ion battery, polymer li-ion battery, lisocl2 battery, -50 ℃ ~ +60℃ low temperature

3.6V or 3.6V*n(n : quantity in series), include lisocl2 battery(+25 ℃ ~ +165℃), polymer lithium battery(up to 85℃)

3.7V, include round battery, Curved battery, Ultra thin battery, Ultra narrow battery, C/D shaped battery, Triangle battery, Rectangle battery, Polygonal battery, Hexagon battery, and so on shaped battery

1.2V, 3.7V or “n” times cell voltage. High drain battery include polymer lithium battery, lifepo4 battery, nimh/nicd battery pack, RC model, UAV, AGV, and so on application

custom HPC capacitor for IOT

3.9V, meet pulse drain current application.
-50℃ ~ +85℃  wide temperature. Long life time

custom HPC capacitor for IOT

3.6V,  from ER14250 to ER34615, 1200mAh – 19Ah, or larger capacity.
Internet of thing application
-50℃ ~ +85℃ wide temperature.

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