High Temperature Lithium Battery

The operating temperature of ordinary batteries ranges from -20°C to +50°C. Those working below -20°C belong to a low temperature environment, and those working above 60°C belong to a high temperature environment. 

Except for industrial application scenarios such as high-temperature boilers and high-speed motors, drilling High-speed rotation of exploration equipment in the underground will also produce a high temperature environment, the highest temperature may reach 200 ℃, the instrument used for monitoring and collecting data also needs to withstand high temperature batteries as a power source, and equipment exposed to the hot summer sun will also work at high temperatures Condition. 

At present, the advanced high-temperature lithium thionyl chloride battery technology is still in the United States GE, APS, Tadiran, German Sunshine and other companies. Chinese companies can currently achieve lithium thionyl chloride batteries with a maximum temperature of 165°C, 125°C and 150°C. It is also achievable, no matter how high the temperature environment is, it has not been successful, so high-temperature lithium batteries for MWD, LWD, PWD, RSM and other equipment below 165°C will appear as Chinese products. 

For high-temperature lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, it is known from the US Energy Technology Laboratory that the United States completed the research and development of rechargeable batteries for MWD projects in 2010, and China’s high-temperature lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are currently only below +80°C.

custom high-temperature lithium battery pack for MWD application

Features & Benefits

  • High voltage – 3.6 to 3.9 V per cell
  • Highest energy density of any power source. 
  • High temperature capability – lithium cells can be designed to withstand temperatures up to 165 °C.
  • Capability of withstanding extreme amounts of shock and vibration
  • Manufacturing process that ensures extremely high reliability and safety.
  • Assembly techniques specific for high temperature, high vibration, and high shock environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
  • Cylindrical Size: 12130 to 47800
  • Capacity range: 0.1 Ah to 38.0 Ah
  • Operating temperature:  25°C to + 165°C
high temperature battery

3.6V High Temperature Cells Lithium-Thionyl Chloride(lisocl2) Batteries

ModelR Cap (mAh)D (mm)H (mm)W (g)PDF

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Battery Model Show

high temperature battery

ER12130S Battery

Provide ER12130S120, +120 celsius discharge,
ER12130S150, +150 celsius discharge
Diameter 12.0mm
Height 13.0mm
MOQ 1000 pcs

high temperature battery

ER14250S Battery

Provide ER14250S120, +120 celsius discharge,
Diameter 14.5mm
Height 25.0mm
MOQ 1000 pcs

high temperature battery

ER14505S Battery

Provide ER14505S120, +120 celsius discharge,
Diameter 14.5mm
Height 50.5mm
No in stocks
MOQ 1000 pcs

high temperature battery

ER261020S Battery

ER261020S150, +150 celsius discharge
Diameter 26.2mm
Height 102.0mm
MOQ 100 pcs

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