How to find trusted lithium battery partner in China?

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This is an article from Chinese marketing view. Different from overseas purchaser, Let you to know the other information.


If you just consider fast delivery, local sourcing, you can ignore this article. If you want to improve your business and open up more markets, countless successful practical experience has proved that after more than 40 years of accumulated products made in China is another choice for you, the rapid development of modern logistics can respond to your timely delivery. Today, even if the examination rate of a variety of factors (export clearance, commodity inspection, import clearance,. . etc.), DHL/UPS can deliver the product you ordered as soon as 4-5 business days (from China to the United States or most of the EU countries).

Whether in China or your country, choosing the right trusted partner is very important, and it takes you a lot of time to constantly test and verify. Just looking for Chinese partners requires you to spend more time, avoid language barriers, and consider other links such as logistics and transportation. Perhaps, in your country, you will find that a large number of Chinese-made products are products imported from China by other importers, and you will also be one of them (importers) under suitable conditions.

Although there are already many articles on many platforms, government websites, please believe that this article can be added to your experience of finding trusted partners in China. Please note the following tips:

First, find your real lithium ion battery partner needs

What kind of lithium ion battery supplier (manufacturer, trade supplier, or service supplier) does your demand decide?

In different areas, manufacturers, traders, service providers have a size-specific size. each company has its positioning, mature large manufacturers need large MOQ, product category single, and she now has a lot of customers (including VIP), her current orders have made her no longer able to serve you.
A small and medium-sized manufacturer can accept a relatively small MOQ, product single case can also meet your needs, capacity will not increase in the short term (unless especially important to her, future orders can digest increased capacity). traders are relatively flexible, can provide multi-category product services, can meet your different needs MOQ.

Service providers with supply chain management capabilities can help you with one-stop work such as design and manufacturing, including choosing the right manufacturer, quality control, logistics delivery, etc., and even provide you with financial control, all of which cost.

So according to your actual needs, find suitable business partners for you. If you find a good partner, congratulations, she will upgrade your business and reduce after-sales service work. If you find a partner who is not willing to cooperate, sorry, your business may be affected, may also bring you after-sales problems.

Your lithium ion battery requirements

Your requirements are individual products or a range of different models? or multi-category products? daily civilian products or professional industrial products? Is it a walking product or a consumer product? If it is a daily necessities product, there may be a lot of manufacturers and traders operating, your choice is very large, like the clothes we wear and daily necessities, maybe different prices will make you have no choice before you see or verify the physical quality of performance, you get low prices may also have a trap. Because of these situations, please do not blindly pursue low prices, as long as the price is within the acceptable range you can control, good quality is a certain price, of course, good quality will also make your business better and better. Avoiding traps or validation requires you to be more patient and spend a lot of time; In the case of industrial products, the corresponding manufacturers trade a lot less, like lithium batteries, lithium batteries are also a large category, including non-rechargeable six major types of batteries (lithium sulfuryl chloride, lithium manganese dioxidelithium sulfur dioxidelithium iron sulfide, lithium copper sulfide, lithium thionyl chloride battery), rechargeable five major types of batteries (lithiumcobalt battery, lithium manganese oxide battery, lithium iron phosphate lithium batterylithium-titanate batteryternary lithium battery), lithium battery technology threshold, capital requirements compared to nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, nickel zinc battery, lead acid batterydry battery is much higher, manufacturers are much less than commodities, Lead-acid batteries contain heavy metal lead, which is not encouraged in the United States, the European Union and China to phase out the banned batteries; nickel-cadmium batteries contain heavy metal cadmium, which is also discouraged, and are currently reserved for very few applications only in medical and emergency areas; nickel-hydrogen batteries contain no heavy metals, and some areas continue to use it. As a new energy battery, rechargeable lithium battery has developed rapidly and applied in many fields. Lithium battery technology has been in the hands of SANYO, SAMSUNG LG A123, and other manufacturers from the earliest, to now more and more manufacturers have these technologies. Nevertheless, many new technologies and patents for lithium batteries  are still in the hands of these earliest commercial lithium battery development enterprises. if proprietary products, maybe just a few manufacturers traders, you will have no choice. Like Boeing and Airbus, which make planes around the world.

Your lithium batteries quantities

The amount you need also affects finding partners, manufacturers need big MOQ, means you need longer lead times, more money (even with letters of credit, you need your money, a little more cost, more money control, and safer for you), your storage space. You can find the right manufacturer to help you OEM your production and paste your logo, like Walmart if your category is single and the quantity is not up to the manufacturer’s MOQ, you can also increase the unit price to find the manufacturer or the trader if your category is large and the quantity is small, the best way is to suggest the trader, who will help you do most of the work, such as purchasing manufacturer, quality control, logistics.

Lithium battery product complexity

The complexity of your product design. If it is a product that has been designed to ensure the safety of your intellectual property, you only need to manufacture, you can directly find experienced manufacturers, or find a service provider with supply chain capacity. When the product you want involves product development and manufacturing, it is recommended that you find a service provider with experience in supply chain management to help you complete it. After all, the new product from creative to industrial design, structural design, circuit design, outer packaging design, to mold design, PCBA processing, prototype production, and performance testing, small batch trial production, mass production, functional testing, type testing (type test) is a long process involving multi-partner collaboration.

Delivery factor

You need the urgency of the time since you choose the supplier in china, believe that already expect for logistics transportation, can accept the delivery time of the product, usually, the large quantity you will consider shipping by sea, after all, can save a lot of logistics costs, of course, there is a risk, after all, there are 30~40 days, your goods are all moving on the sea; modern logistics developed, also more express, air, central Europe train options; if need fast delivery, can choose express, may mean the high freight may be generated.

Second, search lithium battery manufacturers through Google and B2B platforms

Google and B2B platforms,  such as Alibaba, Made in China, Global -resource, Salehoo, but this is not complete.

Google is a good web, provide us more chance. But you need know its rule. Different searches will get different results. for example, when you search “battery supplier in China”,

Battery supplier in China

Since google only have website records, some lithium ion battery manufacturers don’t have an English website to do business through traders or agents; Google search results, you need to spend a lot of time verifying the real situation of the company, you can combine google maps, amp maps(a Chinese map service provider), LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media tools, or direct telephone, mail contact, if you have a friend who knows Chinese, you may be able to help you to go to the official business registration website verification, but it is a bit difficult, after all, the English name and Chinese name are free translation, for not keen on social media resources promotion customers, you can not find.

Battery supplier in China

B2B platforms provide more lithium ion battery manufacturers, trader information. And these platform have verified registered paying member.
B2B platform can find a large number of suppliers of different scale, compared to Google services, she can help you provide registered and paid for lithium ion battery supplier verification services. Please note that she only validates paid members registered on her platform, if you register as her paid member or free member, can provide you with part of the company information verified by her or a third party to you. So there are limitations.
If the price is too low, recommended to give up.

ER261020 research result

Third, through profession lithium battery exhibitions or battery industry magazine advertisements

The battery exhibitions or magazine advertisements is also a way to find a small number of partners.

If you attend a local international exhibition, you can also find the lithium battery manufacturers who come to the exhibition, a small number of manufacturers or traders will attend the overseas exhibition, but there will be a large MOQ, you will not have international travel expenses, only your time costs, and domestic travel costs. Attending an international show will increase your overseas travel costs and time costs, and you will also avoid language barriers and you will find more manufacturer partners. So there are limitations.

Through your local magazine ads, you may be able to find a small number of advertising promotion supplier partners, which can not participate in the exhibition, the network is not developed to play a considerable role. With the development of the network now, you have more channels to find suppliers, the advantages of magazine advertising may weaken.

Fourth, Find lithium battery partner from import data in government web

Find his partner through the import data of local importer, government business department, customs.

This situation is suitable for daily products and is not suitable for industrial products or rare proprietary products. But it will take your time, too. If he has a competition protection agreement, agency agreement, etc with his partner, his partner may not necessarily support you. As SAFT, FDK, PANASONIC, Samsung in the battery industry… Even if you have a lot of demand, you’ve found their contact information, but she wasn’t provide you with services, and you will likely that you will contact your local service provider, who will provide you with the corresponding products and services.

Fifth, Recommend battery supplier from your friend

Recommend your Chinese lithium battery partner through a friend you trust, because he and his Chinese partner already have a deal, and if he is willing to support you, it may work. In China, it’s possible to recommend each other, and in your country, I guess it will.

If you already have a Chinese other goods partner and you want to start a new lithium battery business, ask him to recommend that you can also find a new supplier for you, or ask him to help you purchase, quality control, factory inspection on your behalf, you can also save your time and expenses, this situation is not suitable for your manufacturer partner, only for the partners with supply chain management services and traders who want to carry out supply chain services, they will have many partners, and also want to provide such services to enhance their business, like Dragon service, have a very strong supply chain service capacity, service areas are also very wide, have successfully served a lot of customers; HJBP power, history is relatively short, core products in lithium battery and battery charger, energy storage power lifepo4 battery, UPS and other application fields, she is also providing this service.

Sixth. Find lithium battery supplier via social media

Find through social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, … You can also find some lithium battery partners through keyword, hobby groups, and not all Chinese manufacturers and traders will be active on them. The Facebook policy is for the individual information release dynamics, the enterprise does not publish on this; LinkedIn mainly for the business staff platform has the enterprise home page, these policies may also change with the Facebook and the LinkedIn policy adjustment two changes, the network has many articles on this aspect, all needs you to discover and try.

Please note, keep go on

Finding these partners takes a lot of time and effort and doesn’t mean it’s over. Everything’s fine. Then you’ ll have to do some work, and through a period of practical communication, you’ll gradually find out if you want the right trusted partner.

Verify your lithium battery partner’s product and service

Verify that you find these lithium battery suppliers, very difficult, only through her English company name, you are not easy to find her, because you do not know her Chinese name, not to mention her local language, you are not good to query. You can not verify through an open official government registration platform, you can only pass through a third party company or import records in your country. And of course, you can use the Google, B2B platforms and social media mentioned above to discover their corporate websites, to understand, and to draw your judgment from the comments of her existing customers, which are subjective judgments of the hand, not necessarily all for you, but at least to add information to help you make your judgment.

Testing lithium battery samples

You can contact by phone or email, phone contact may encounter language communication barriers, but you can judge whether it is true, email contact can also judge whether it is professional, see whether its response time speed is what she said. Buy a few lithium battery samples, and test via profession lithium battery tester or your real electronic products under your products operate environment.

Trial via small lithium battery order

In the case OK early communication, you can test through small orders, test its product performance quality, test its supply chain, logistics delivery speed, test its communication, and problem-solving ability once there is the lithium battery quality problem.

After all, it is not once and for all to conclude that even if a suitable lithium battery supplier or partner is found according to the above method. As Mr. Socrates says, “people don’t fall into the same river.” In real business, whether you or your suppliers, partners, customers are dynamic, raw materials, in-process and finished products are also dynamic, modern logistics, financial capital, and social environment, uncontrollable factors may occur, like SARS in China in 2003, Ebola in Africa, the new crown virus in the global outbreak of 2020,… There will still be unpleasant things that require both parties or parties involved to communicate promptly, minimize losses, and stand on the positive side to communicate and solve problems. Want to do long-term business, not a last resort, will not break the trust of customers. Once again hope to help you see this article, I hope you find the right trusted partner, reduce your after-sales service problems so that your business will improve a lot. And of course, you’re welcome to connect with us and be our VIP.

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