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Hybrid Pulse Capacitor

Hybrid Pulse Capacitor (HPC) is a kind of rechargeable battery with novel carbon anode material and uniquely formulated electrolyte possess large pulse discharge capability under extreme temperature from -40℃ to 85℃. It is ideal for operating “All weather” remote Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

custom HPC capacitor for IOT

Features & Benefits

  • High pulse performance
  • Low impedance
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Long Operating life
  • Self discharge at RT: 1uA

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 3.9 V
  • Cylindrical Size: 1020 to 1550
  • Capacity range: 50As to 560 As
  • Operating temperature: – 55°C to + 85°C
  • Max pulse discharge rate up to 5A


  • Compliant with IEC62133,  and UL1642.
  • Compliant with the European battery directive RoHS and REACH
  • Compliant UN38.3 air&sea shipping, UN3480, or UN3481

Catalogue for HPC(Hybrid Pulse Capacitor)

3.9V HPC(Hybrid Pulse Capacitor)

ModelNominal Vol.(V)Max Charge Vol.(V)Max Charge Current(mA)Max Pulse Discharge Current(mA)Capacity(mAh) @3.67VImpedance(≤mΩ)Diameter
Height(mm)Weight(g)Download PDF

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ER+HPC Battery pack for IOT(Internet of Things)

ModelNominal Vol.(V)Nominal Capacity(mAh)Min Discharge Vol.(V)Max Pulse Discharge Current(A)@1sec@2.5V cut-offOperate TemperatureMax Outline Size
About Weight(g)PDF
ER14250+HPC10203.65120030.75-40℃ – 85℃15*15*26.519ER14250+HPC1020
ER14335+HPC10203.65165030.75-40℃ – 85℃15*25*3522ER14335+HPC1020
ER14505+HPC10203.65240030.75-40℃ – 85℃15*25*5530
ER18505+HPC10203.65360030.75-40℃ – 85℃18.5*29*5538ER18505+HPC1020
ER26500+HPC10203.65850030.75-40℃ – 85℃29*62 / 26.5*36*5261ER26500+HPC1020
ER34615+HPC10203.651900030.75-40℃ – 85℃34*73 / 34.5*46*63123R34615+HPC1020
ER14250+HPC15203.65120032-40℃ – 85℃16.5*50 / 16*30*26.521ER14250+HPC1520
ER14335+HPC15203.65165032-40℃ – 85℃16.5*58 / 16*30*3523ER14335+HPC1520
ER14505+HPC15203.65240032-40℃ – 85℃16.5*75 / 16*30*5532ER14505+HPC1520
ER18505+HPC15203.65360032-40℃ – 85℃18.5*34*5540ER18505+HPC1520
ER26500+HPC15203.65850032-40℃ – 85℃29*67 / 26.5*42*5263ER26500+HPC1520
ER34615+HPC15203.651900032-40℃ – 85℃34*78 / 34.5*50*63125ER34615+HPC1520
ER14250+HPC15303.65120033-40℃ – 85℃16.5*50 / 16*30*26.521ER14250+HPC1530
ER14335+HPC15303.65165033-40℃ – 85℃16.5*58 / 16*30*3523ER14335+HPC1530
ER14505+HPC15303.65240033-40℃ – 85℃16.5*75 / 16*30*5532ER14505+HPC1530
ER18505+HPC15303.65360033-40℃ – 85℃18.5*34*5540ER18505+HPC1530
ER26500+HPC15303.65850033-40℃ – 85℃29*67 / 26.5*42*5263ER26500+HPC1530
ER34615+HPC15303.651900033-40℃ – 85℃34*78 / 34.5*50*63125ER34615+HPC1530
ER14250+HPC15503.65120035-40℃ – 85℃16*32*5531ER14250+HPC1550
ER14335+HPC15503.65165035-40℃ – 85℃16*32*5533ER14335+HPC1550
ER14505+HPC15503.65240035-40℃ – 85℃16*32*5542ER14505+HPC1550
ER18505+HPC15503.65360035-40℃ – 85℃18.5*34*5550ER18505+HPC1550
ER26500+HPC15503.65850035-40℃ – 85℃28*44*5573ER26500+HPC1550
ER34615+HPC15503.651900035-40℃ – 85℃35*50*64135ER34615+HPC1550
ER18505-5P+HPC15203.651800032-40℃ – 85℃110*19*55170IOT battery_ER34615+HPC1520

Note: The above data is for reference only.  CONTACT US for the newest detailed information and customized your solutions.

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