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LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Base in China

As an expert manfacturer, HJBP provide full series Lifepo4 battery. OEM/ODM supported. Offer quality battery solution to enhance your field.

Clients visit lifepo4 battery factory in China

Larger Capacity, Moderate Price

Annual production up to 100,000 pcs & lower wholesale price.

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Save you more and generate higher profitability with 200pcs MOQ

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

Compliance of ISO, UL, CB, UN, CE, strictly production to guarantee quality.

26650 3.2v 3200mah lifepo4 cell factory

Cylindrical Lifepo4 Cells

IFR14500, 10440, 14650, 18500, 18650, 22650, 26650, 32650, 32670, 32700, more detail, contact HJBP Power
prismatic lifepo4 cell

Prismatic Lifepo4 Cells

LFP36130190, 36130215, 1565150, 1865150, 2065150, 3470150, 54173113, 54173200, more detail, contact HJBP Power
polymer lifepo4 battery cell manufacturers china

Polymer lifepo4 Cells

LF703048SH5, 753485SH30, 752880SH20, 903496SH20, 8543125SH15, *37125, *45130, *50150, more detail, contact us

What Sets Us Apart

low temperature lifepo4 cell 3.2v 3200mah

Strong Capacity

Auto producing line, 18650 cells 1,000,000 -2,000,000 pcs/days. Meet your project

lithium ion battery producing line in china factory

Well Equiped

China factory, Multipule Equipment


Full Support & Service

From pre-sales to manufacture and after-sales, we will provide the tailored solution according to your design and quote within 24 hours.

What else can HJBP Power
do for you?

Trusted worldwide and used in over 12 country businesses

“Finding the right partner is a long process, and you need a manufacturer you can trust. HJBP power is a business you can trust to help you from the start.”

Rastislav Wartiak

How do we grow your business?

HJBP Powr provides quality batteries that mean you win a bigger market

Delivered quickly, which means a quick turnover of your funds

UL\CB\KC\UN safety certification, which means less after-sales

Grow your business

Let's raise your project profit to the next level,NOW!

After understanding the requirements, we will let our engineers help you to provide a completely free solution including design drawings
We usually reply your message within 2 bussiness days.

Save 20% cost for Order