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As lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers, HJBP Power offering high quality Custom lifepo4 battery & solutions to enhance your profits.

lifepo4 cylindrical and primastic cell

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Save you more and generate higher profitability with 200 PCS MOQ

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

Compliance of ISO and UN/UL/TUV, strictly production to guarantee quality.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

Annual production up to 100,000 PCS & lower wholesale price.

Full Model Products

ifr14500 3.2v lifepo4 cell manufacturers

Lifepo4 Cylindrical Cells

IFR10440, 14500, 18650, 26650, 32650, 32700, more detail, please contact HJBP team
3.2v lifepo4 cell manufacturers china

Lifepo4 Prismatic Cells

LFP battery, 30130160, capacity from 10ah to 300ah, quality cell from China cell, please contact HJBP team
polymer lifepo4 battery cell manufacturers china

Lifepo4 Polymer Cells

Suitable high rate(drain) discharging current, air/ship module, UAV application, more detail, please contact HJBP.
12v 10ah lifepo4 battery for lead acid battery replacement

LiFePO4 12V 200Ah/100Ah Battery

More capacity and size, custom label, moderate price, low MOQ, lead acid replacement, mortor starter, please contact HJBP team
custom 48v lifepo4 battery, china manufactufers

48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack Profile

Custom 48v lifepo4 battery for storage energy, UPS, mobilephone base station, golf, folklift power supply, please contact HJBP team

What Sets Us Apart

lithium ion battery producing line in china factory

Strong Capacity

Our different workshops produce different types of cells, and the automatic cell production line can effectively meet your needs of different scales.

producing line for lithium pack in China

Favorable Price

The demand for bulk orders and fully automated production lines make it possible to reduce our raw material costs by up to 10%.

producing equipment for lithium ion battery


Equipped with fully automatic cell production lines, and battery pack production pulling lines of different scales to ensure the different needs.

producing lime for polymer lithium battery in HJBP China's factory

Full Support

From pre-sales to manufacture and after-sales, we will provide the tailored solution according to your design and quote within 48 hours.

We're There Every Step of the Way

producing line for 26650 lifepo4 cell

Producing Equipment

HJBP’s partner factories have multiple production facilities and several fully automated production lines to meet most of your needs.

custom lifepo4 battery pack manufacturer

Full Models

HJBP Power can give you access to over 500 models of batteries, and if the existing models do not meet your needs, we will help you design and prototype.


Wide Temperature

HJBP’s offer a wide temperature range of rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries, from -30°C to +80°C, which can meet your different conditions application scenarios.

from -40 Celsius to +70 Celsius operating temperatue

OEM Battery Packs

HJBP Power offers standard lithium iron phosphate battery packs in a wide voltage range, from 3.2V to 1000V, from general applications to automotive applications and marine application solutions.

shipping method by sea, air, trailway

Packaging & Shipping

The batteries supplied by HJBP Power comply with the safety requirements of lithium batteries and are packed and shipped in UN packing boxes to ensure safe transportation.


led lighting & solar street light application

LED Lighting

Power system solution for medical equipment

Industrial Instrument

Power or underground inspection robots with cctv

Electric Tools

lifepo4 battery for solar energy storage

Storage Energy

48v 105ah for golf cart system

Forklifts, Golf-Carts, RV

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Contact us to get a free quote and more expertise about custom lithium battery. Your project will meet a right solution with HJBP Power.

Custom Lifepo4 battery with HJBP Power

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Tell Us What You Need

Tell us as specific as possible of your needs, provide the drawing, reference picture and share your idea.


Get Solution & Quote

We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing, the specific quote will be provided within 24 business hours.


Approve for Mass Production

We will start mass production after getting your approval and deposit, and we will handle the shipment.

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