Li-FeS2 Battery

Cylindrical lithium iron disulfide batteries use iron disulfide for the cathode, lithium for the anode, and a lithium salt in an organic solvent blend as the electrolyte.

Because lithium iron disulfide batteries are low-voltage primary batteries and have an operating voltage platform of 1.5V, they have interchangeability with alkaline manganese batteries, Ni-MH batteries, carbon batteries or zinc silver batteries having the same size.

lifes2 fr series battery, 1.5 volt

Features & Benefits

  • High High current pulse output capability
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Anti external short circuit PTC design
  • Safety valve design

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 1.5 V
  • Cylindrical Size: AAA & AA
  • Capacity range: 1.1 Ah, 1.8 Ah
  • Operating temperature: – 20°C to + 60°C
  • Max pulse discharge rate up to 3A


  • Compliant with IEC60086-4, UL1642.
  • Compliant with the European battery directive RoHS and REACH
  • Compliant UN38.3 air & sea shipping, UN3090, or UN3091

LiFeS2 Battery Category

Catalogue for Li-FeS2 battery

1.5V Spiral Cells lithium iron disulfide (lifes2) Battery

ModelC. (mAh)D(mm)H(mm)W(g)Download PDF
1.5V 3000mah fr14505 battery

FR14505 1.5V Battery

D 14.2 * H 50.5mm
Small MOQ
Replace Alkaline battery
lifes2 fr series battery, 1.5 volt

FR10450 1.5V

D 10.5 * H 45.0 mm
Small MOQ
Make battery pack
FR Vs. LR battery performance


OEM most brand
Small MOQ 1000 pcs
Custom battery pack
FR series battery, lifes2 battery

FR Battery Supplier

Small MOQ
Custom battery

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