Custom Variety Voltage Battery Pack

Different material cells, and diverse combined methods, will make variety voltage battery pack. In addition to the standard voltage of the cell, the NiMh,NiCd battery can be make up 2S (2.4V), 3S (3.6V), 4S (4.8V), 5S ( 6V), 6S(7.2V), 7S(8.4V), 8S(9.6V), 10S(12V), 12S(14.4V), 15S(18V), 20S(24V), 24S(28.8V), 30S( 36V), 40S (48V), 50S (60V).

Lithium ion batteries can be used as 2S (7.4V),  3S (11.1V),  4S (14.8V),  5S (18.5V),  6S (22.2V),  7S ( 25.9V),  8S(29.6V),  10S(37V),  13S(48V),  14S(51.8V/48V),  16S(59.2V/60V),  17S(62.9V/60V), 20S(74V),  23S (85.1V/84V),  26S(96.2V),  27S(99.9V),  30S(111V).

Lifepo4 batteries(lithium iron phosphate battery) can be used as 2S(6.4V),  3S(9.6V),  4S(12.8V),  8S( 25.6V),  12S(38.4V/36V),  16S(51.2V/48V),  20S(64V/60V),  24S(76.8V/72V),  28S(89.6V/84V),  32S(102.4V/96V) ,  36S (115.2V/110V),  40S (128V/120V).

LTO batteries can be used as 2S (4.8V),  5S (12V),  10S (24V),  15S (36V),  20S (48V),  25S ( 60V),  30S (72V),  35S (84V),  40S (96V),  45S (108V),  50S (120V).

Alkaline batteries can be used for 4.5V,  6V,  9V,  12V,  there are more available battery solutions, Alkaline batteries do very little other voltages.

ER lisocl2 batteries(Lithium thionyl chloride battery) can be used as 2S (7.2V),  3S (10.8V/9V),  4S (14.4V/12V),  5S (18V),  8S (28.8V),  10S (36V), etc.

CR limno2 batteries(Lithium-manganese dioxide battery)  can be make up 2S(6V),  3S(9V),  4S(12V) etc.

96v 20ah lithium ion battery manufactufer in China

96V 20Ah Lithium Ion Battery

INR18650-26-26S8P, With PCM
60v 13ah 18650-250-16s6p lithium ion battery pack factory & manufacturer in China

60V 13Ah Lithium Ion Battery

INR18650-22-16S6P, With PCM
48v 18ah lifepo4 battery pack for AGV

48V 18Ah LiFePO4 Battery

IFR32670-60-16S3P, With PCM, 485 Protocol
29.6v 4.4ah lithium battery

29.6V 4.4Ah Lithium Ion Battery

INR18650-22-8S2P, With PCM

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