1.5 Volt FR14505, AA, FR10445, AAA lithium battery China manufacturer

Lifes2 battery is one of primary lithium battery. Compared alkaline battery, the same nominal voltage, but it’s capacity is far more than alkaline battery.  There are AA(fr14505), AAA(fr10445) two size type cell.


Cut-off Voltage

0.8 VVolt






14.5/0.5 grams/oz; 7.3/0.26 grams/oz

Original of Country


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China good quality digital camera batteries, LiFeS2(fr14505, fr10445) battery offer the long life and consistently and reliable performance you need to get the most out of your digital camera.

Lifes2 lithium battery is one of lithium primary battery, the main components include lithium iron disulfide, graphite carbon, and electrolyte. As a lithium raw material dry battery, its characteristics are better than carbon zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline zinc-manganese batteries. IEC uses the letter “F” to stand for lithium iron disulfide batteries, and “R” stands for cylindrical. The two most commonly used lithium iron disulfide on the market are FR14505 and FR10445. exclude Energizer produce these batteries, you can choose also a good lifes2 battery manufacturer from China. Maybe battery capacity lows a bit(2900 mAh VS. 3000 mAh), Do you think to disappoint with these batteries’ capacity?

LiFeS2 Battery Features

  •  High and stable operating voltage: 1.5 volt
  •  High energy density (3 to 10 times higher than other non-lithium batteries
  •  Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +60℃, -40°F~+140°F
  •  Low self-discharge rate: ≤ 1% per year @+23±3℃ room temperature
  •  Long shelf life: 90% capacity remaining after 10 years storage at 20℃
  •  Superior leakage resistance
  •   Don’t contain toxic materials, noxious liquids or gases

FR14505 & FR10445 Parameter/Specification

Item FR14505/FR6 FR10445/FR03 Remark
Core Raw Material LiFeS2 LiFeS2
IEC Type FR6 FR03
Voltage(Volt) 1.5 V 1.5 V 1.72 Volt initial peak
Cut-off Voltage(Volt) 0.8 V 0.8 V
Nominal Capacity(mAh) 2900 mAh 1100 mAh
Discharge Current(mA) 250 mA 100 mA Continuous
Discharge Current(mA) 1500 mA 500 mA Max
Diameter(mm/inches) 14.5/0.57 10.5/0.41
Height(mm/inches) 50.5/1.99 44.5/1.75
Weight(g/oz) 16.0/0.56 7.3/0.26 Reference
Operate temperature(℃/°F) -40~+60/
-20~+60/ -40~+140
Color of cell Blue/color Blue/color
Package Blister card, PVC/Paper card
Quantity of Box 40 pcs 50 pcs
Quantity of Carton 1000 pcs 500 pcs

LiFeS2 FR14505 battery Vs. Alkaline LR6, LR03 battery

Lasts up to 8 times longer than alkaline batteries in digital cameras.

Lasts 7 Hours Longer in Handheld GPS Devices.

Twice run-time compares to normal AA/AAA Alkaline battery

Weight 25% less than Alkaline AA(LR6/LR91), AAA(LR03)

fr vs. lr battery performance compared


UL1642,  CE, RoHs, UN38.3, MSDS


For Use In: All Electronics Devices such As Digital Cameras, CD Players, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal Detectors, Flashlights, PDA’s, Wireless Remote Monitoring, Life boat, Digital Camera, Remote Controller, Toy, Electricity meter, Water meter, Gas meter, Heat meter; Security Device, Intelligent instruments, Signal lights and post indicator transfer, Portable devices, Lighting, Archery Tracer Lock, Medical treatment, GPS, RFID and Military fields.


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  2. Small MOQ & Samples
  3. 24-48 hours replay, business time
  4. Custom your private label

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