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Quick View for 3.7V LP606090 Lithium Battery Cell

No. Items Specifications Remark
1 Model LP606090 Mold “6090” can do 4mm-9mm thickness
2 Nominal Capacity 4000mAh 0.2C Standard discharge, “C”representative Capacity value.
3 Minimum Capacity 3900mAh
4 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
5 Max Charge Voltage 4.2V±0.03V By standard charge method
6 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 3.0 V
7 Standard Charging Method CC/CV(constant current/ constant voltage) Charging Max voltage 4.2V, Charging full when current less than 1% nominal capacity
8 Charge Current (A) 0.2C(Current value =20%*Capacity value) Standard charge, charge time:7h(Ref)
9 Discharging Current(A) 0.2C Discharge time about 5 hours
10 Cell Internal Impedance ≤80mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge
11 Maximum charge current 0.3C For continuous charging mode
12 Maximum discharge current 0.5C For continuous discharge mode
13 Operation Temperature and relative humidity Range Charge 10~45℃


Discharge -20~60℃


14 Storage temperature for a long time -20~25℃


Do not storage exceed half year.Must charge once when storage for half year.Must charge the battery which with protect circuit when storage for three months.
15 Size(T*W*H)  mm/inches 6.0x60x90/(0.24×2.36×3.54)
16 Weight(g/oz) About 120g/4.23oz

Polymer Lithium Battery Cell Environment & Safety Test

  1. High-temperature discharge at 45 ℃
  2. Low-temperature discharge at -10 ℃
  3. Constant Temperature and Humidity at 40±2℃(90~95%RH ) for 48h
  4. Over-charging testing(without PCM)
  5. Over-charging testing(without PCM)

Polymer Lithium Battery Test Criteria

UL1642IEC62133, UN38.3, MSDS, CE, ROHS, CB, KC

Quality Control for Polymer Lithium Battery Producing:


Battery Package

Bulk order,  inner industry boxes, 100 pcs /box, with PVC plastic bag, External carton(by sea)(10 boxes/carton. 1000 pcs/carton),  UN Carton(by air or express)

Sample order, single PVC bag, paper box, carton.

Logistics for polymer lithium battery cell

Samples order, less than 5kg, express(FEDEX/UPS/DHL), 6-9 business days
Small batch order, less 100kg, by express or air, to airport port
Bulk order, more than 200kg, by sea. MOQ cost: 2C/800kg or 1 C/500kg

Polymer lithium battery name rule of code


The second section, L()P representative polymer lithium-ion battery, special letter representative material. For example
“F” —- LiFePO4 battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate
“C” —- LiCoO2 lithium battery, Lithium Cobalt Oxide
“M” —LiMn2O4 lithium battery, Lithium manganese oxide
“T” —-LTO lithium battery, Lithium titanate
“N” —-(NiCoMn) or (NiCoAl) ternary lithium, sometimes omission
The third section, “XX” —- Polymer lithium battery cell’s thickness,
The fourth section, “YY” or “YYY”—-battery cell’s width
The fifth section, “ZZZ” or “ZZ” ——battery cell’s length or height
The sixth section, “L”——Low temperature (-40℃ ~ + 60℃)
“H”—–High temperature (-20℃ ~ + 85℃)
“V”—–High voltage(3.8V/4.35V)
“H5C” High Drain/Rate 5C, or 3C, 10C, 12C, 15C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 35C, 40C, 50C, 60C
The seventh section, “mS” m— number in series(S), 1 omission
The eighth section, “nP” n——-number in parallel(P), 1 omission
The eighth section, HJBP representative supplier HJBP Power

Polymer lithium ion battery order rule


Product order description
If you already have a clear battery model, voltage, capacity, series and parallel requirements, you can refer to the coding rules and tell us directly, or you can filter from our polymer model catalog, if you don’t find the model you want , Or if you need a customized solution, you can tell us your specific needs.


Variety of model  lithium cell include LiCO2, NCM ternary and LiFePO4 material, rechargeable battery, provide 1C, 3C, 5C, 8C continuous discharge rate current. can make 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S,5S, 6S, 7S, 8S, 10S, 12S, 13S, 14S, 16S, 17S, 20S battery pack, used in toys, e-scooters, digital electric, mini-fan, massage-gun, led-lighting, medical device, test measurement, e-tooth brush, smart toilet, power bank, camera … and so on. Accept OEM/ODM/Your private label battery pack.

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