How to find 3 Volt cr2430, cr2450, cr2477 coin cell equivalent DL2477, ECR2477 supplier in China

3V CR2477 battery is one of  primary lithium battery. “CR” or “Li-MnO2” is the abbreviation of IEC for lithium manganese dioxide battery. “LiMnO2” is the chemical formula. Used variety in watch, in remote controls, in  toys, in medical equipment etc. The largest capacity is in CR coin battery.  The equivalent model include DL2477, ECR2477, KCR2477, EB-CR2477, CR2477T, CR2477N etc. Many well-known and unknown brands of this type of battery can meet most of your application needs.


Cut-off Voltage

2.0 Volt





8.7/0.31 grams/oz

Origin of Country



1000 pcs


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The CR2477 battery is a non-rechargeable battery. It is one of a primary lithium battery. Named lithium primary battery also. The chemical name is lithium manganese dioxide battery and the chemical formula is LiMnO2 or Li-MnO2. The CR2477 is the IEC named code. Some battery manufacturers/suppliers also use special naming methods. For example, DL2477, ECR2477, KCR2477, EB-CR2477, CR2477T, CR2477N, CR2744H, etc.

About CR2477, BR2477, LIR2477, parameters via specification.

Materiallithium manganese dioxide batteryCarbon monofluoride lithiumLithium ion battery
BrandPanasonic, Sony, Duracell, Energizer,  EEMB, SC, HJBPEEMBRenataPanasonicEEMB, China brand, Medium
Nominal Voltage3V3V3V3V3.6V
Cut-off voltage2V2V2V2V2.75V
Nominal Capacity1000mAh1000mAh950mAh1000mAh150mAh
Discharge current0.2mA0.2mA25mA0.03mA300mA
Operate Temperature-30℃~60℃-30℃~60℃-40℃~85℃-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃

CR2477 Lithium battery is used as watch battery, in remote controls, in toys, in medical equipment etc.

Lithium non-rechargeable 3.0 V CR2477 battery is known as the battery with the highest capacity of all coin/button cell lithium batteries.

CR2477 battery features 24 mm (0.945 inches) diameter and 7.7 mm (0.303 inches) height, while voltage and capacity depend on the exact chemistry, load and cutoff voltage of powered device. And can be make by different solder type or added cable.

As a button lithium manganese dioxide battery that has been sold for a long time and has mature production technology, in addition to many brands known in the market, your order quantity is large enough. If you want, you can also have your own private label. You can customize your own packaging(for example, paper card, plastic card). If you want to find CR2477 battery equivalent or replacement manufacturer, factory, wholesales,supplier or exporter from China. Please contact HJBP power.

Brands often seen many brands in the market: Panasonic, Sony, Maxell, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Duracell, life, Energizer, Philips, NOMA, LDLC, IKEA, Walmart, EXCELL,  EEMB, SC, HJBP, PKCELL, DOUBLE DEER, Changhong, …….

OEM your brand button & coin cell from China manufacturerOEM button coin battery

Of course, there are many brands as well that manufacture high-quality button/coin cell batteries, but these are most popular ones.

About lithium primary battery safety test standard. Include IEC’s “IEC60086-1″ and “IEC60086-4” , UN38.3.

About test item includes aging test, drop test, high temperature, low temperature, short-circuit, excessive temperature rise, leakage, venting, fire, rupture, explosion, and so on.

Exclude CR2477, button CR batteries include CR3032, CR2354, CR2450 CR2430, CR2330, CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, CR1632, CR1620, CR1616CR1225, CR1220, CR1216, CR1025.

CR2477 Application: watch, led  candle, toy, led child shoes, TPMS(Tire pressure tester),  remote control auto lock, electronic scales, weightheet, …… and so on.

CR3032 and CR2354 batteries are not very common, but their capacity is approximately half of the CR2477 capacity.

CR2430 battery capacity is around 30% of CR2477 battery capacity.

Only CR2450 battery feature capacity that is somewhat close to the capacity of the CR2477  battery ~600 mAh vs ~1000 mAh.

So, as one can see, CR2477 battery features the highest capacity of all lithium button/coin cell batteries.

If you  need add  terminal, wire or connector, it’s ok, please do not hesitate let us to know.


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