How to find 3 volt CR2354, CR2330, CR2325, CR2320 coin cell equivalent China supplier

3 Volt CR2354/CR2330/CR2325/CR2320/CR3032 battery is one of  lithium primary battery, button or coin outline.  Provide standard/low/high capacity. Used variety in watch, in remote controls, in  toys, in medical equipment etc. Accepted OEM and your package.


Cut-off Voltage

2.0 V

Discharge Current

0.20 mA

Max Discharge Current

18 mA


23.0/0.91 mm/inches


2.0/0.08; 2.5/0.10; 3.0/0.12; 5.4/0.21 mm/inches


2.9/3.5/4.0/6.0 gram; 0.10/0.12/0.14/0.21 ounces

Operate Temperature(℃)

-30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃


3000 pcs

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LiMnO2 battery is one of lithium primary battery,  non-rechargeable battery. Named primary lithium battery also. “CR”  is the shorthand code for lithium manganese dioxide. The chemical formula is LiMnO2 or Li-MnO2. “C”  is IEC code for limno2 battery, “R” is stands for cylindrical, “P” stands for square in IEC.  It’s can be produced rectangle or square type,  cylindrical type, button or coin type. There are the same voltage, operate temperature, discharge features.

Some battery manufacturers/suppliers also use special naming methods. For example, DL2354, DL2330, DL3032(by Duracell),  ECR2354, ECR2330(by Emergizer),  KCR2354, KCR2330, …, etc.

About CR2354, CR2330,CR2325, CR2320, CR3032, parameters via specification.

Item CR2354 CR2330 CR3032 DL2354/DL2330,DL3032 LIR3032/LIR3048
Material lithium manganese dioxide battery Lithium ion battery
Duracell EEMB, China brand, Medium
Recharge-ability No No No No Yes
Nominal Voltage 3V 3V 3V 3V 3.6V
Cut-off voltage 2V 2V 2V 2V 2.75V
Nominal Capacity 500mAh 260mAh 500mAh 270mAh 120mAh/200mAh
Discharge current 0.5mA 0.5mA 0.4mA 0.03mA 120mA/200mA
Operate Temperature -30℃~60℃ -30℃~60℃ -30℃~60℃ -30℃~60℃ -20℃~60℃
Dimensions(unit:mm) Ø23.0*h5.4 Ø23.0*h3.0 Ø30*h3.2 Ø23.0*h5.4/3.0 Ø30.*h3.2/h4.8
Weight(unit:g) 5.7g 4.0g 6.8g 5.7g/4.0g/6.8g 6.2g/7.3g

CR2354,  CR2330, CR3032 Lithium battery is used as watch battery, in remote controls, in toys, in medical equipment etc.

Lithium non-rechargeable 3 Volt CR2354/CR2330/CR3032 are all coin/button cell lithium batteries.

As a button lithium manganese dioxide battery that has been sold for a long time and has mature production technology, in addition to many brands known in the market, your order quantity is large enough. If you want, you can also have your own private label. You can customize your own packaging(for example, paper card, plastic card). If you want to find CR2354/CR2330/CR3032 battery equivalent or replacement manufacturer, factory, wholesales,supplier or exporter from China. Please contact HJBP power.

Brands often seen many brands in the market: Panasonic, Sony, Maxell, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Duracell, life, Energizer, Philips, NOMA, LDLC, IKEA, Walmart, EXCELL,  EEMB, SC, HJBP, PKCELL, DOUBLE DEER, Changhong, …….

oem variety of coin cell made in ChinaOEM your brand button & coin cell from China manufacturer

Of course, there are many brands as well that manufacture high-quality button/coin cell batteries, but these are most popular ones.

About lithium primary battery safety test standard. Include IEC’s “IEC60086-1″ and “IEC60086-4” , UN38.3.

About test item includes aging test, drop test, high temperature, low temperature, short-circuit, excessive temperature rise, leakage, venting, fire, rupture, explosion, and so on.

Exclude CR2354, CR2330, CR2325, CR2320,  CR3032 button CR batteries include CR2477, CR2450, CR2432,   CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, CR1632, CR1620, CR1616CR1225, CR1220, CR1216, CR1025.

CR2354, CR2330, CR2325, CR2320, CR3032  Application: watch, led  candle, toy, led child shoes,  remote control auto lock, electronic scales, weightheet, …… and so on.

CR battery package information(for industry application):

Model Quantity of Carton Gross Weight(kg) Size of Carton(cm)
CR2016 12000 23.1 34*28*31
CR2025 8000 21.5 34*28*31
CR2032 6000 19.9 34*28*28
CR1616 15000 20 32*27*26
CR1620 12000 18.1 32*27*25
CR1625 9000 15.2 32*27*27
CR1632 9000 16.8 32*27*27
CR1216 20000 16.8 32*26*27
CR1220 16000 15.5 32*26*27
CR1225 12000 14.5 32*26*24
CR1025 16000 12.1 32*26*26
CR1130 16000 16.9 34*28*31
CR927 16000 12.1 32*26*26
CR2330 4800 15.8 34*28*29
CR2430 4800 23.4 34*28*29
CR2450 3200 22.6 34*28*28
CR2477 2400 23.6 34*28*30
CR3032 3200 28.8 34*32*22
CR2050 3600 17.9 34*28*28

If need commercial package, 1 pcs, 5 pcs or other pcs / plastic/paper card, please contact us.

If you  need add  terminal, wire or connector, please contact us. Thank you in advance.

More available terminal, Please contact us directly or reference as follow:

Available terminals for cylindrical battery made in China

Available terminals  for button/coin cell made in China

Available cylindrical battery socket & coin cell holder made in China

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