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Solar panel storage energy

In an environment with sufficient sunshine, solar power generation is a more environmentally friendly way. Solar power systems include solar panels, solar charge, and discharge controllers, and batteries that store solar energy conversion chemical energy.

Lead-acid batteries are the best solution before the emergence of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are the best choice, especially the long-life and safe lithium iron phosphate batteries. The ternary material lithium battery with a smaller cycle life, smaller size, and lighter volume is also one of the choices.

Solar panels charge the battery during the day and the battery powers the electrical equipment at night. In order to solve the problem of power supply in rainy weather for several days, a more powerful backup energy battery is needed support.

HJBP Power provides solar street lights, garden(lawn) lights, pumps, TVS, refrigerators, and electricity solutions that can solve most of your needs.

Solution Features

Solar street light battery application solution
  • Operate With Solar panel, solar charging/discharging controller
  • Volatage and capcacity according to your needs
  • Excellent charging and discharging performance
  • Long cycle life time
  • Backup power source

Solution Specifications


solar street light solution

Solar street light battery

12V,24V lithium battey ternary battery,GEL battery

Solar lawn light application solution

Solar lawn light battery

12V lithium battery, ternary battery

Solar water pump application solution

Solar water pump battery

24V 20Ah/40Ah lithium battery

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